Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Should I Import it

Many times the question is asked, 'will I have a problem with customs if I order a paintball gun online'. The answer to this is very hit or miss as everyone has had mixed experiences, some people have had the paintball gun confiscated yet returned to them days later after clarification that it is just a paintball marker, others have had no issue at all.
The simple way to avoid any issue is to just buy a paintball gun in dubai, there is many people selling second hand equipment for very reasonable and affordable prices. By buying one of these paintball guns in Dubai you will not have to deal with the issue of ordering online and waiting with high hopes that it is not stopped by customs and safely delivered by the Fedex man.
If you do buy a paintball gun online and have it shipped to the UAE, be prepared to go through a bit of a struggle to get it back. All orders you make online are at your own risk!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Where to buy a paintball gun in dubai?

Many times we are asked where can I buy a paintball gun in dubai?
The answer is simple, there is a few places to buy paintball marker in Dubai. Sharjah Paintball Park sells paintball markers at an inflated prices, the reason these markers cost so much is due to supply and demand.
With little to no competition in the country for the sale and distribution of paintball markers it is easy for them to inflate the price as people are willing to pay it.
Sharjah Paintball Park sells brands such as Dye, Empire, Planet Eclipse, BT Combat and Tippmann.

There used to be two stores in Dubai run by players, for players that sold paintball markers and other products for a very reasonable price. One of these stores was Preface Paintball, it was located in Umm Ramool. The other was Xtreme Depot, both of these places sold paintball guns in Dubai but have since stopped business.